Monday, September 4, 2017

2011 - Hibida Hall of Fame - Blaine Dunn

2011 - Blaine Dunn

Blaine Dunn, or "Papa Bear," as he was (is) affectionately called, was team captain and President in his senior year. Since 2007, there hadn't been a player who had both captained the team (on the field logistics) and acted as President (off the field logistics). Blaine excelled in both roles - one of those people who is just supremely responsible and organized. 

As a player, Blaine wasn't the flashiest guy, but rock solid across the board. He was great on the mark, had consistent throws, excellent defensive footwork and was deceptively good in the air. He had a spectacular strategic mind for the game and him and I had an excellent coach/captain relationship - bouncing ideas and strategy off of each other constantly - two peas in a pod. 

2011 was another year that the team wasn't the most competitive, heading into the series ranked somewhere in the 150s. However, at a two bid sectionals, Hib easily upset 40th ranked Wyoming to take the second regionals bid behind Mamabird. The team simply played like Blaine - nothing flashy, solid across the board and it paid off in a big upset and an unexpected regionals berth. 

If Scott Hanley began the groundwork for the rebuild in 2010 - showing the effort and heart required for getting the team back into the competitive mix, then Blaine added the next level - demonstrating the value in not just big plays, but in doing the little things right.

Blaine never played any competitive club and hasn't played anything beyond a few summer leagues since he graduated, but his imprint on the team and what he taught me as a coach is some of the most important stuff in Hib history. We're all really proud of you and your family, Papa Bear! 


Honorable Mention: Amiel Bernal

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