Monday, September 4, 2017

2010 - Hibida Hall of Fame - Scott Hanley

2010 - Scott Hanley

In 2009, the main core of Hib all graduated. For the 2010 season, Scott slid into the role as Hib's main playmaker and captain. Unfortunately, the team at the time didn't have a ton of experienced players beyond him, so he had a huge burden to bear both on the field and as a leader and motivator. 

This was the first year that the team really slipped competitively - moving from regional contention to struggling to qualify for regionals. Scotty put our young group on his back as the only experienced thrower on the team and kept pushing the squad forward - working hard to rebuild the culture and develop the skills we were lacking.  

He consistently played through injury - everything from sprained ankles to back spasms. He had a monster flick huck and could get off his feet at will. What he lacked in size he made up for in effort and technical skill - he really was an every-other type of player. 

We snuck into regionals Scott's senior year and that was a testament to his hard work and commitment to the team and game.

Scott was a Fort Collins club favorite and core player on the new Fort Collins mixed team "Killjoy" in 2009 and 2010, but as the injuries caught up to him he hung up his cleats (for good to my knowledge) and focused on his professional career. 

While barely making regionals may not be the most amazing competitive feat, I truly believe Scott was one of the most important players to ever play on Hib. In a year we knew we weren't going to be very good, Scott instilled in a new generation of players the effort, dedication and heart required to play at the most competitive levels. He laid the foundations for positive growth for the team for years to come. 


Honorable Mention: Paul Coleman

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