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2009 - Hibida Hall of Fame - Andy Stringer

2009 - Andy Stringer

Stringer was our first 'blue chip' recruit, joining the team during the 2005-2006 season. He came from a storied high school career in Rockford, Illinois. My first memory of him was a young kid coming out to visit CSU with his dad and trekking down to Boulder to watch our sectionals game against Mamabird. Despite us getting shellacked like we tended to do back then, Stringer still decided to attend CSU and the rest is history.

As a freshmen, Stringer slid into an O-line cutting role immediately for Hib. He led the team in goals scored that Spring; an impressive feat considering he played on a line with both our 2006 and 2007 Hall of Fame inductees.

He captained alongside Jordan White his third year and alongside David Johnson his fourth, taking on a leadership role and doing a fantastic job motivating the team as a steady handed, but big-play capable force.

Stringer has the distinction of being the only player, until 2017, to make the Bravo roster while still being in college at CSU. He got got invaluable club nationals experience his first summer on Bravo, in 2007, narrowly losing to Sockeye in the finals. He played Bravo until he graduated, then played several several years on Chain Lightning after moving to Atlanta. While living in Georgia he also helped to coach the Kennesaw State college men's team for three years.

Stringer also had a strong presence in the European ultimate scene, playing on the Czech national team several times at the European championships. 

Perhaps most interestingly (ha), he has the unique distinction of the only player who was captained by me, captained me and was coached by me - his and my relationship has seen just about every iteration of power structure and I think there's a healthy respect that goes both ways (even though we both know he can run circles around me).

He's another player I'm proud to call a teammate, friend and alumni and much like Mickey Thompson and Brett Kolinek has made his mark on the world of ultimate as a CSU grad. This was a super difficult year to decide on an inductee as there were five unbelievable graduating players but Stringer is well deserving of this spot. 


Honorable Mentions: David Johnson, David Fjelstad, Sam Plasman, Nick Snuszka

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