Friday, August 18, 2017

2002 - Hibida Hall of Fame - George J Barthel

2002 - George J Barthel

The 2002 and 2003 entries will be structured slightly differently than the other entries. Thanks to Mickey Thompson for spearheading these two seasons.

The 2002 Spring Season was the first year of Hibida as a team name. This was the year that the team re-branded and refocused on being a "competitive force in the southwest." It is fitting that one of the two captains from that season, Jay Barthel, be honored with the first spot in the Hibida Hall of Fame. 

"Hibida became the idea of a team that whatever you put into it and whatever you wanted out of it could be achieved; it was all encompassing to us to ensure Hib meant we competed and had fun. "The Most Fun Wins" from the Wright Life and general Fort Collins community helped fuel that mantra for change. IMO Hibida would never have existed without Jay... [he] probably deserve[s] credit in the history books as much as anyone.

Jay Barthel graduated in 2002 and was know for his "statue of liberty" fake. Quality disc skills fueled his game as a silky smooth lefty with a crushing backhand, a mastery of squirrelly cuts, and tireless effort - Jay was Hibida's first MVP. I don't think I ever saw Jay in a bad mood, he was always upbeat and trying to progress the team forward while having the most fun doing it.  

Jay went on to play some high level ultimate in the LA area on and off for years, but found his passion in biking and continues to work in the industry as well as ride."

-Mickey Thompson

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