Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CSU Men's Ultimate - Hall of Fame

Colorado State Hibida - Hall of Fame

This recognition is given to the graduating player who most embodies Hib's core values of hard work, competition and their contributions to the success of the team both on and off the field.

Each Monday*, I'll reveal and have short write-ups for 2-3 new inductees starting on 8/18*/2017.

*EDIT - Within an HOUR of posting this one of the old school players sent me over some selections for 2002 and 2003 - the first two years that Hib was Hib (previously Maddog). I will include those selections in the reveal and we'll get them added to the official plaque next year when we add the 2018 member. This now officially has every single year of Hibida as Hibida.

2007 - Joe Roza
2008 - Jordan White
2009 - Andy Stringer
2010 - Scott Hanley
2011 - Blaine Dunn
2012 - Kyle Brochu
2013 - Kyle Enns
2016 - Noah Brown

How did you decide who received the past years' recognitions?

My own experiences as coach of the team for ten years and a player for the five years prior were the factors. It's not the most objectively fair way to do it, but trying to contact hundreds of alum and have them nominate and select their candidates is just too much of a task. I don't think many people would argue with my selections - there's some healthy debate for sure (2006 - oh my), but all these people are pretty beloved in Hib history. 

In your justifications for the selections, are you factoring in post-Hib playing experiences? 

I couldn't ignore what past players have done since their time on Hib. It's just too much a part of the players they are to me. We've had some amazing players who have finished college and been done with the sport, but we also have some players who are still trucking away, playing everything from rec leagues to elite club - I feel like a players post-college career can also say a lot about that player's commitment and potential in college. 

How will you decide future inductees?

The team will vote for the yearly selection for all future years.

What's special about starting in 2004?

Spring 2004 was my first college series. There were some amazing players prior to my time on the team of course, but I don't have the perspective to appropriately award them. I would absolutely be willing to recognize earlier players, but I'd need help from some old school folks to do that. *UPDATE - I got an almost immediate response for the 2002 and 2003 seasons (see above).

Why only one player per year?

My idea was to select the player who best embodied the team core values for that given year, not to compare year to year. Some years we had several seniors who all fit the criteria. Some years there were single individuals who put the team on their back and kept pushing us forward.

Why are you starting this now?

Hib competed at nationals for the first time in program history in 2017. We won the region for the first time, had the player of the year, coach of the year, freshmen of the year, three players on the all-freshmen team and two all-region players. We have positioned ourselves, not just for a return to the big dance in 2018, but hopefully for many more to come. 

Having been a part of the team for 15 years now, I wanted to put something out there to remind both current and past players that every single one of the young men who has donned the Hib "H" (or one of the many variants) have had a part in the program we've become. It's not just about the guys who stepped onto the field for us this past season, but about everyone who's put a part of themselves into our sport, school and team. 

The current team's competitive success couldn't have happened without the ground-work layed for many years prior. I'm so proud of all the current and past players! 



  1. Great idea guys! Dont forget the legendary inaugural year for Hib, 2001 baby!

  2. EDIT, after reading.. Happy to lend a hand with and history from that fateful first year, which Tabije and I captained. Such great memories, and fun squad.

    1. Mickey told me the fall 2001-spring 2002 season was the first year it was hib?

  3. Mickey? You can't trust that guy! Kidding of course! Hibida v1.0 was christened somewhere in spring of 01' if memory serves... I have a great photo the squad if needed for the historical record. Also, HUGE thanks for putting me on the board. Now I just need a time machine to toss the bee around with everyone again... Thank you HIBIDA!