Monday, August 21, 2017

2005 - Hibida Hall of Fame - Nick Petraglia

2005- Nick Petraglia

Nick Petraglia, the younger brother of Tony Petraglia, was one of the first in a line of Hib players who truly embodied the inclusive Hib spirit. He always had a positive attitude - he made new players feel welcome and a part of the group, be it from the silly games he taught, stories he told or just his respectful approach to interactions with other people on and off the field. 

I don't think I ever heard anyone speak an ill-word of him. He was just the kind of guy you enjoyed being friends and teammates with.

On the field, much like his older brother, he always put his heart into his play and his body on the line. Small in stature, but not in big play ability, Nick's trademark was active feet. In the two years I had the privilege of playing with him he must have accumulated more than a dozen foot blocks in tournament play. 

Perhaps his best college highlight was a monstrous layout catch against Mamabird at 2004 sectionals, directly into the camera in the back corner of the end zone - the crowning moment of that year's highlight video. 

Nick didn't play much outside of Hib to my knowledge and I believe hung up his cleats for good after he graduated, but his kind, generous and friendly attitude and leave-it-all-on-the-field play reverberated with the team for years after.


Honorable Mentions: Quinton "Porter" McClain

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