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2012 - Hibida Hall of Fame - Kyle Brochu

2012 - Kyle Brochu

The 2012 team re-established CSU, maybe not as a nationals contender, but at the very least as a solid mid-tier team, no longer competing just to make regionals, but starting to climb the ladder up the region. This was, in large part, due to our senior captain, Kyle "Brody" Brochu. 

Brody was (is) a goofball. Not like that kid who can't sit still in class, but rather some one who just approaches his day-to-day life with such levity that he infects those around him with positive energy. This isn't to say he wasn't a fantastic player, but he never took himself or the team too seriously and I mean this as a huge compliment. 

We could have been throwing with freshmen at the first practice of the year or we could have been on universe point of our elimination game at regionals and Brody was always Brody - goofy, cracking jokes, spouting jibberish - but never once did I see him take that approach to his play. He was always outworking his opponent, putting his body on the line and being the driving force behind our offense. 

We were playing Oklahoma State one year at a fall tournament and there was a bit of contentious play that culminated in the guy covering Brody literally shoving him down. As a coach, I was livid, ready to charge the field and break my clipboard over the guy's head. But Brody just looked up at him and said "Bro, really?" and that was that. There just wasn't a moment that could take him away from being himself.

Brody lives up in Breckenridge now and founded High Country Ultimate soon after he graduated college. They are a group that, when I've seen them play, embodies Brody to the core - goofy, having a great time and not taking themselves too seriously. 

Scott put the heart into the team, Blaine the fundamentals and Brody, without a doubt, the personality. He was a good captain, a fantastic player and just a great person in general. He taught me a lot about how you can compete at an extremely high level without ever compromising your joy of play and I thank him greatly for that. 


Honorable Mentions: Matt Rekart, Scott "Mammoth" Alton, Rob White, Alex Cash, Andrew Clancy

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